Practice Skirt Instructions

Fabric: Polyester/Cotton blend is probably best.
Any pattern or color of fabric the dancer would enjoy!

For Little girls:
Up to age 7 3 to 4 metres
7 to 10 years 4 to 5 metres
10 years & up 5 metres

Sew panels together for length; make sure you have enough length of a huge hem.

For 3 - 4 Metre skirts:
Make a casing at the top. Use 1 inch wide no twist elastic. Thread elastic, adjust to waist, sew elastic together leaving extra so it's adjustable later. Hem

For larger skirts, it's probably easier to gather on a waistband. Make a tube of fabric for length, gather-using zigzag stitch over crochet cotton. Make waistband too big and fasten with Velcro.

2X's width of waistband,fold in half.

Add 6 or more inches to waist to allow extra grow room.